Josh Speidel Junior Summer Mixtape!

NBA Mock Draft 2017

Josh Speidel Junior Summer Mixtape!

Josh Speidel is a high IQ, versatile forward from Columbus, Indiana. Speidel has the skill set to take bigger defenders to the perimeter and attack the basket with a quick jab series. He is able to knock shots from behind the arc as well as mid-range pull ups. In the post, he is strong enough to power through defenders and initiate contact, drawing fouls. He is also a very good passer out of the post. He makes quick decisions and drops dimes, on time. Josh was a leader on the Indiana Elite squad who won the Adidas Super 64 tournament in Vegas. He was one of the most skilled forwards in Adidas Uprising and although he is slightly undersized, he was able to compensate by using his quickness and understanding of the game. Josh Speidel is committed to the University of Vermont.

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