Dennis Smith Jr. Player Breakdown! 7 Reasons Why He’ll Be a Superstar!

Today’s breakdown in many ways is a reflection; you see I started MakePlayz back in 2013, and shortly after I was asked to travel with Team Loaded, and I’m gonna shout out T White for that opportunity. Because you just never know what God’s got in store for you, that summer is where my eyes were opened, that summer is when I met Dennis Smith Jr. and in the process I was exposed to a lot of NBA talent.

I was there through it all, when he’d clown around in the hotel, and when he’d punch it on the nations best, and I honestly thought that was normal for one of the nations best point guards. But now that it’s been a few years, and the 2016 class is headed to the NBA…I realize just how rare that time was. What I witnessed day in and day out wasn’t normal at all, because I haven’t seen anything like it since. The abilities that Dennis brings to the table are just different, from his 48 inch vertical to his mastery in pick & roll, Dennis Smith Jr. has the tools to become a premier guard in the NBA, and today I’m gonna break down why…

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