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MakePlayz.com and Playmaker Mixtapes LLC are currently accepting applications for our volunteer internship program.  We are looking for aspiring videographers with a passion for cutting edge sports highlights, college recruiting, and online marketing.  We are looking for sports enthusiasts who can potentially become full-time employees for our company.

Our company is based out of southeast Virginia.  However, as a company who operates digitally, we have no boundaries as to how far our services can reach.  We have the capability to hire interns from California to New York, or from Asia to the European nations…our opportunities are endless.  We are looking for applicants worldwide who can film the top players in their respective regions.  We will use that film to produce professional-grade highlight videos and also for scouting purposes, at no cost to the athletes.  Our goal is to provide a path for athletes to turn their dreams into a reality.

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